Sunday, November 6, 2011


When we ordered your Kiss costumes, we knew it would be nice but really had no idea how authentic these costumes really are. We were all very pleased with your work. Your costumes are the real deal man. We took more pictures with strangers that night than we took at our own party. Keep making these works of art.

Ray Maples (the Paul in the pic)


Hi Barry!
Just wanted to say thank you for making me the Creatures/Sonic Boom costume that surpassed my imagination.
I was a little nervous at first with giving the measurements by email and all, but this thing fits like a glove!
I can not wait for other KISS ARMY fans to see the quality and craftsmanship. If you are thinking of having a costume built by BARRY seeing is believing people.... The pictures do not lie. Thank you again!
All the best,
Bruce Waite

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

BILL FRANCE one of our biggest fans on KISSONLINE

I was asked to DJ our school's Halloween Dance at Logan High School. I teach broadcasting, language arts and theatre at the school. The students had no idea I was going to show up in my "newlywed" costume. The kids had a blast. I had a blast too!

The best part about dressing up as a member of KISS is the shock, the awe and the love you get from fellow fans. I had no idea that many of my fellow teachers at Logan High School were also fans. The reaction was instant when I showed up to DJ the students Halloween dance.

Bill France

Monday, October 24, 2011


I have always enjoyed KISS from the 70's and for the past few years
have wanted to dress up as Gene,partly due to the success of his GSFJ
show. Due to my busy schedule working two jobs,I never had the time to
make a good costume that would be competitive. Once I found out there
was going to be a KISS Kruise and a lookalike contest would be held,I
put into motion of getting myself a Gene costume made. Everywhere I
searched Barry's name would pop up as being the master of KISS
costumes. I found him on Facebook and after reading his testimonials,I
decided to inquire with him about having one made. Once I spoke with
Barry on phone,I could tell he was the one I wanted to make my costume.
He was very helpful and I felt good about his services. He was there
every step and let me know how progress was coming and made sure I got
the costume in time for the Kruise. He was able to supply me with
everything I needed and answered every question I had. I entered the
contest on Kruise and felt my costume was one of the best there were
and people commented to me on how good it looked. The material is
really first class and you can tell Barry puts a lot of pride in his
work. By the way,as in another previous testimonial,I too am a police
officer,so it must be something about officers wanting to dress up as

James Leonard

Monday, October 17, 2011



I have had my Gene Destroyer Costume for over 3 years and after several appearances i had some wear and tear that needed attention.

I called Barry Carr for a special appointment for a little refurb for my Dragon Boots and Armour.

Wow what a refurb i got ! Absolute Perfection to Detail. I always get compliments and of course .... " WOW .... GENE !! GENE !!! "

Barry had noticed some distress cracking, (that I didnt) in the Dragon Heads and called me immediately and said a repair will be inferior and you wont be happy.

We both agreed that replacing with new and improved Dragon Heads will be for the best, and for nearly the same cost.

When i opened my container with my new Dragon Heads..... WOW what a difference. Complete Perfection and better construction and detail to say the least were AWESOME !!

The Destroyer costume is the most asked for costume .... Do NOT cheat yourself with the imitations.... Treat yourself to the GENIUS of Barry Carr !!!

Look at my pictures... email me and I'll send them to you myself. MY Costume is the BEST.... Made by the BEST !!

Jeff Douglas

this was one of the most touching testimonials too date

I am writing this testimonial, as a much happier KISS fan / collector than ever I anticipated I could be. I know that I am not alone when I ask how many people have grown up with bedrooms plastered with KISS posters from ceiling to floor. That was definitely me ! From age 7, when I picked up KISS Alive!, I was immediately hooked, and hooked for life ! My interest continued to grow and grow and once a little more able to come by money and support my “habit” … the collecting began ! I now have a collection worth upwards of approximately $80,000 …. the Bally Pinball Machine, the Tiger Record Player, the Mego Dolls and Remco Makeup Kits … they all filled the void and turned 1,000 heads, but the one thing I could never see myself being able to acquire, was a pair of Gene Simmons Destroyer Demon boots. Now don’t get me wrong, I know I could have bought a pair of the run of the mill, KISS Halloween costume boots for $400, but would that have kept this addict satisfied ? NEVER !

For years I cruised eBay, looked online, and pretty much did anything I could to try to figure out a way to obtain these elusive boots, until the day that I saw on eBay, what made my jaw hit the floor.

A seller was selling a pair of custom Gene Simmons Demon boots, however they were from the Love Gun era. Not exactly what I was looking for, but would I ever find another pair ? Likely not, was my train of thought, until I caught the most important part of the listing’s title … “BY BARRY CARR.”

Now was the question … who is Barry Carr and what does he have to do with these KISS boots that look as if they just came directly off of Gene’s feet ! There was no stopping me now … my first inclination was to search “Barry Carr” on Google, and when I did … Good GOD ! I had never seen anything like the pictures I was seeing in my life … the costumes were so perfect that I don’t think Gene, Paul, Ace, or Peter would have been able to tell them apart from those of their own ! Now was the hard part (or so I thought) ! How do I find Mr. Barry Carr ? Well, like anyone would do in this millennium, I reverted to facebook ! Once typing in a search for Barry’s name, there he was, standing there (unmasked) in his profile picture wearing a full Gene Simmons Love Gun suit … JACKPOT … this is the guy I am looking for !

Once sending a friend request and short message stating the reason for my wanting to track him down, it took all of about 10 minutes before my friend request was accepted, and I was speaking to one of the nicest, most friendly, helpful, and talented people it has ever been my privilege to meet ! We went on to discuss my decades of longing to add a pair of Destroyer boots to my collection, and he did everything he could to be sure that I was as informed as I possibly could be. The deal was struck (for what I thought was a ridiculously fair price, given the time, and talent that goes into these works of art) and Barry was on a mission ! Every request I had throughout the construction of the boots was met, from receiving progress pictures, to prices on future purchases, and even being provided with answers to KISS questions that I NEVER thought I would know the answers to !

I could not begin to express how much I love my boots (which were constructed and at my door within 2 weeks) and how much of an honor it was, and is, to have met Barry ! I am now in the process of deciding on my next purchase ! When working with a pro like Barry, it can almost seem impossible to decide since you can pretty much have whatever you want, at a cost that won’t break the bank, and a quality that you know could never be matched or equaled ! 1,000 thanks to you Barry, for making a dream come true, and for all of the business we have yet to do.

Steven Schutt

Ontario, Canada

Friday, October 14, 2011

Not just making costumes but helping dreams come true is part of our business

Chicago 2010 Tinley Park, I'm wearing a Destroyer costume I bought from Barry and am sitting in the second row in front of Tommy. KISS goes offstage then as they are coming back out for the encore Gene is the first one back on stage and walks directly towards me. I was so happy that he even acknowldged my presence, then the unthinkable happened. He motioned for me to come to the front of the stage past security and handed me his sweaty towel. I said "Thanks Gene." and he gave me a big grin and a hand sign and said "No Problem." So, I got to meet my hero and out of 36,000 people he called ME to the stage and gave ME his sweaty towel, and it's all because of Barry's costume. If you are deciding whether or not to buy one of Barry's costumes, take it from me, it's worth every penny.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

I just keep pushing..maybe you the KISS army will let Gene & company know you want this stuff not thecheap knock offs they call official

It has always been a childhood dream to work the Gods of rock ...KISS ...I plea to Gene ...take these products work with me and make them official let me show you what a real KISS fan can produce for you..costumes is just a tip of what I got planned ...about to release things to stagger the imagination...and will definately appeal to us old timer KISS fans...the ones than can afford to play your financial games Gene...I too am a business man...and your merchandise of late gene is less than KISS worthy and insulting to the KISS fans that have been with you from the start! I challenge Gene & KISS right now publicly...I will donate a Gene $immons sonic boom armor...proceeds going to wounded warriors...Gene signs it to help bring a better profit....

How about it Gene...stop trusting your bus driver and try out real business!

Your call Gene...but truth is you hate me cause I am the greatest costumer maker out there...the only one capable of giving your fans what they want...and they come to you in flocks proving that...everywhere you go you see my work!...Give me a call Gene...let's get some business going rather than you behaving like an ass as you did in Springfield Ill...coming off the stage to attack us was so childish....we are both too old for I come to you publicly to off a partnership in this ...step miss me leave a not act a coward like your bus driver Paul.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Wow my boot's are awesome thanks to Barry Carr they feel really great on my feet and they look freaking awesome. Can't wait to show off my costume this year or just anytime I've known Barry for a short time but he is good friend on Facebook and the phone. but never the less he's always came through with what i need and it's great to have someone i can count on.
I'm hear to say that If you want the best you got the best and it's Barry Carr!!!!
So thanks for everything Barry I Look forward to Ordering more from you in the future.....
and hope to stay really good friends.
Ted Delaware

Saturday, September 24, 2011

KISS ARMY we want to thank you...we have been extremely busy this Halloween

Even with the economy in it's current state you have graced us with your business and we feel so blessed you believe in us to give us your continued support...we thank you from the bottom of our hearts...
God bless you is a sample of some of the work going on in our shop.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


For the first time ever we are offering Pre- Halloween pricing on any and all costumes.
Discounts that we have never offered before, we want your rock-n-roll dreams to come true. We will and do accept payments. Make sure you place your order soon time has a way of catching up to us all... And you do want to look your best, don't miss the boat.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

This is for the non believers in my involvement with the official KISS costumes

This is just a fraction of the paperwork that does in fact document me as the designer of the official KISS costumes...just for those whom accused me of lying on that those I can only say one this!...for those that believed me and stuck with me and trusted me just at my word...GOD BLESS YOU ALL...And I promise...the best is about to hit!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


These are assorted newspapers from across the tri state area

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Recently, Barry Carr build me my tailor made Gene Simmons Sonic Boom Costume.
It was a dream come true!

Last January I auditioned for Dutch Kiss tributeband "Kiss on the Rocks" (
Boy was I happy when they hired me as their demon!

Obviously, they wanted me to look one on one, and they told me about this "Barry Carr".
We got in touch via his friend Jerry, and this is when the adventure started.
To make a long story short, everything, and I mean really everything, came true. Barry and Jerry took time, listened to all our requests and made this a comfortable process. Yes, it’s serious $$$, but it’s worth every dime. These are the true professionals! You can imagine ordering something of the internet, having it ship across the ocean without meeting the builders, makes one a little nervous. No reason whatsoever: the costume and boots came in in perfect condition. I am so proud of my costume; it is incredible beautiful.

Barry Carr is the best!!!!!

Thank you so much Barry and Jerry

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I done my research before I was going to drop any big $$$ on a set of KISS boots. I must admit after hearing and reading horror stories from other KISS costume makers I was kind of unsure about Barry. I kept reading this blog site and one day finally decided to send Barry an email. After a few short emails I was on the phone with Barry planning my order for Gene's "Love Gun" boots. Barry was very so cool and even set me up on easy payment plans.My boots were custom made for me since I didn't want the tacky looking leggins that the other KISS costume makers sell on Ebay. I told Barry I wanted everything one solid piece and attached to the boots and that exactly what I got. I first got into KISS when I was in middle school and always wanted a pair of Gene's "Love Gun" boots, Barry made my dream come true. I recently went to a concert to see a 80's tribute band called the "Hairbangers Ball" Even though my Gene costume was the official KISS licensed costume (save your $$$ for the real deal people) it still looked cool, but my boots made the costume ROCK!!! People everywhere was saying look at his boots it was awesome!!!! So awesome that the band got me on stage to sing "Dr Love" with them. With my boots made by Barry Carr I was a rockstar for one night. I must add that i'm so impressed with the feedback I got from the Band and other people that night. I'm ordering a complete Destroyer costume with boots from Barry as we speak. Thanks Barry for being the best and always kicking ass!!!
Jimmy H

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Testimonial from our customer in Germany CARLOS CACHAFEIRO

Hi KISS Fans!

I’ve been a huge KISS Fan since I was a kid and I was always figuring out what it’s like to wear such great costumes and these boots.

Well, for a long time the only way to get a KISS costume was to build one by myself but that was very difficult or nearly impossible.

One day one of my biggest dreams came true: I got a choise to play “The DEMON” in an authentic KISS tribute band and so I badly needed a great looking costume.

I didn’t really know how to get one, even more because I live in Germany (here is no one who does stuff like that).

So I started looking arround the internet an I found Barry’s Page with all the great costumes he did and I was very impressed!

Well, to be honest: It was a strange feeling to send a lot of money in a strange country to someone I didn’t know and I was afraid to be ripped off like many others…

When the costume arrived I was stunned about the dragon boots-they looked awsome!

A few days later the armor arrived as well and the Destroyer - costume was complete.

I was glad and relieved that everything went good and I was also satisfied with the look of the costume.

I know there are bad rumors about Barry in the net and from other costume makers as well…

But I just can tell everyone that he is a honest business partner and he did as he promised: Barry delivered!

Whatever they may say: I have the costume I was dreaming of and it looks fantastic as you can see in my pics.

So to all of you who may be looking for an original KISS costume – Call Barry and you’ll get what you’re looking for!

I’m looking foreward to my next costumes: The Alive, Love Gun, Dynasty and Creatures of the night costume – I want them ALL!!!!

Thanx Barry…


I've been a Kiss fan my entire life. I've always wanted a Destroyer era Gene suit ! I thought it was one of things I would never have. One day I was looking on the internet at fan made suits.... I happened to come across Barry's site. I couldn't believe it...... I finally found what I always wanted ! I called Barry immediately and he quoted me a price. Not bad for something I always dreamed off..... You gotta remember I used to hot glue blocks of wood to rubber boots in attempt to make Dragon boots ! Now I know your thinking that's a lot of money to send off in hopes of getting back what you grew up seeing on posters and in concert. Let me first say that I'm a Police Officer and have been in law enforcement for 15 years so I'm always a little skeptical about things.. Barry was easy to deal with and kept an open line of communication. When I received my costume from Barry I couldn't wait to open the box.... When I did I was not disappointed ! It was better than I thought !!! There is no way I would order from anyone else.... Everything out there is cheap Halloween costumes.... Barry's is KISS costumes !!!! Thank you Barry for making one of my childhood dreams come true !

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The Sonic Boom fits great, even for some like me that is hard to fit without him ever putting a measuring tape on me personally, just going by what I provided to him.

I have an athletic build, broad shoulders, good size biceps and small waist and big calves. It fits to the “T”!

Anyone wondering if they could possibly have a custom made costume and fit, trust me it does and will. You can’t go wrong here. Thanks Barry once again for a job well done!