Wednesday, December 12, 2012

One of our first customers using our costumes to promote holiday season cheer and giving this year


My name is Dr. Terry Traster, I'm a pharmacist in a small town in Illinois and I do charities and benefits with my Gene Simmons "Destroyer" costume. I have done benefits for individuals who are stricken with diseases and are having hard times paying their bills, charities to raise money to try to find cures for cancers, annual street festivals and many more. The response from people when they see somebody who looks like a member of the HOTTEST band in the world is invigorating! Everybody wants to take their picture with me and it puts a smile, but sometimes a scared look on peoples' faces.

I met KISS at the meet and greet in St. Louis this year and told Gene what I did and framed the conversation to let him know when the media is kicking him when he is down there is somebody out there that is spreading the good word of KISS and how much good they do like how much they support the Wounded Warriors Foundation. Gene asked me to write this and told me "If you inspire just one person, you have made a difference."

I am writing this as a challenge to all the members of the KISS Army that can afford one, BUY A COSTUME AND DO WHAT I DO! A couple of years ago I was asked by The Salvation Army Toys For Tots to do their benefit to buy Christmas presents for kids that otherwise wouldn't get any. The best Christmas present I ever gave or received was knowing that just by putting on my costume and showing up to this benefit I was going to help children get Christmas presents. Every year I do a free street festival in the beginning of August. There are a fair number of physically and mentally challenged people at this festival and when they ask to take their picture with me and I see how much joy I have brought to them and then their caregiver tells me "You have no idea what this means to them, their favorite band is KISS." it makes the money I spent on the costume and the time to put on the make-up seem completely insignificant.

I first wanted my costume in order to have the best Halloween costume possible, which it is. Then I was asked to do my first charity and the satisfaction I got from that was way more than I ever could have dreamed of. From there it has snowballed into something that gives me great pleasure and brings a lot of good to a lot of people and charities.

It's Christmas time now and it's the time for giving. Think about how much joy and pleasure KISS has brought to you or maybe somebody you know. Think about buying yourself a costume or somebody you know that would pay the good deed forward a costume . I have done a lot with my costume and you can too. Let's make 2013 the year the KISS ARMY goes into our local communities and spreads the good of the band that has done so much for us. Buy a costume and let the charities in your community know you are interested in donating your time to their causes. I guarantee you won't regret it!

Terry Traster

Thursday, November 29, 2012



 I've just received your figure in the mail today. Thank you so much. It is awesome!!! I really love the detail in the gloves and the costume. The whole figure rocks. It turned out better than I could have imagined I am so pleased Thanks again.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Barry Carr,the name is known by thousands of Kiss fans,me being one of them decided to give Barry a message to have a Monster Gene Simmons costume made.I talked with him cumulatively for a couple of hours to make sure he could do it in the time frame I had prior to Kiss Kruise II.I had paid the first part of payments as planned and was waiting on a check to finish paying payments.He kept things in motion to help make deadline but due to being a sub contractor my payments are never in a timely manner so I had to drive to his home and then went to his shop since there was no time to ship after final payment.He was within hours of being finished so me and my wife hung out and talked while he custom fit my armor.I also had the privilege of airbrushing my boots myself with his tips on how to best paint shells.After solidifying a new friend outside of social networking me and my wife finished our journey to Miami for KK2 where once on the boat,and no practice for the boots the armor was a hit,I had so many people who wanted a picture with me wearing it.I even got my picture taken on KISS' stage wearing it.Due to no time I could not put make up on in time for that picture.It took a bit of a beating on the boat but thanks to Barry's continued advice and expertise I have since airbrushed it and repainted as needed,keep in mind for anyone who has been on a boat the halls are very narrow so it was hit often since I was not used to ever wearing it or the boots.For anyone who knows Barry personally they will tell you he is a perfectionist and that being said he is in the works of updating the cod piece and is going to replace the one in the pictures for the new one he is completing.I had nothing but a great experience with Barry and would repeatedly recommend him to any of my friends.Thanks to Barry and those involved in making one of my favorite Kiss items I will always treasure.You Rock Brother!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Testimonial from our Canadian friends are beginning to come in as well.

Here are a few pictures of me wearing the famous boots you have built especially for me! Hope you enjoy...You can put them on your official Facebook page if you want...i already have this page as a bookmark on my Facebook account!

Let me hear from you!

Good evening,


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our first Halloween 2012 testimonial

I killed it you guys...people LOVED Paul Stanley, more than they ever have. Thanks a ton!

Eric Chez

Thursday, July 12, 2012


These are the last photos before a full blown premiere in a few days

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Barry did it again

Barry did it again, a great staff, When I got dragon boots last year, I was so happy to get real deal.
Every time when I see Barry's Web Site, I see other people bought whole Gene's costume.
That made my mind to decide to get Armor this time. Again I was waiting the armor like Christmas was coming.
When I opened the box, I was so excited. Wow finally I got whole costumes.  As always no question asked.
Barry gave me a great deal and my dream came true.
Thank you very much again, Barry  You are the man.
I wish I could show this to Mr. Scott McClusky He ripped me off so badly words cannot even begin to cover story.
Thank You,

Toshi Hatanaka 

And another satisified repeat customer....

I've know Barry Carr for awhile now, He has went and done it again I am just blown away after getting my costume last week and just now have put it on for look's!! Very Amazing at the craft and workmanship that Barry has put in to my costume. I'm not one for words I am just in awe right now looking at my own photo's I feel just like Gene, about the only thing I can say is great job Barry Carr and thanks so much for your time and professionalism..Your friend Ted Delaware

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Jody Hendricks ..a repeat customer was blown away with his new sonic boom costume


I just received my Sonic Boom armour & Love Gun boot from Barry Carr. Un freakin’ believable. The boots look right out of the 1977/78 tour. The comfort is fantastic & the accuracy is dead on. I am a repeat customer with Barry. I purchased a pair of Sonic Boom boots from him last year & I have put them thru the test & they are as strong as he said they were all along. I wasn’t sure I would like the Love Gun boots but got them anyway…Boy am I glad I did…no regrets at all…..0….
The Sonic Boom armour fits like a glove…I had reservations about the fit from the start like pinch points, sizing…but Barry reassured me none of that would happen. And when I tried it on (still thinking I knew what would happen) I was dead wrong….it was perfect. It was like wearing a shirt…so comfortable it was unbelievable. When this was ordered, Barry wanted a ton of info about sizes & measurements….now I see why. He kept constant contact with me thru e-mail, texts, & phone calls. He also give me visual updates on the progress.
Overall…I gotta give Barry an A+ 100% & a job well done on all his work. Do not hesitate in contacting Barry Carr for all your KISS costume needs. He will treat you with 100% respect & professionalism. I will deffinately be returning costumer.

Jody Hendricks

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

DELUXE SONIC BOOM now available!

Anytime we begin a brand new costume Barry simply will not stop until he perfects hopefully this is it! SONIC BOOM in all it's glory!!!


Words cannot describe the quality of my Destroyer 1976 Armor! It’s literally museum quality. I’ve been a fan my whole life and like most KISS fans, have studied every piece of KISS Costume history…This costume doesn’t miss 1 thing from the era I wanted! The shells are sturdy and are road and stage worthy. With these boots, I’m able to walk and move with ease versus falling down in others I have tried. I’ve screwed around over the years with trying to make my own costume (which was essentially disastrous) as well as bought costumes that KISS themselves released to the public. NOTHING beats what Barry Carr can do in his shop. If you’re a fan and are putting together a mini KISS Museum in your house, a tribute artist, or someone that just dresses up on Halloween, This is your one stop shop. Quit screwing around like I did.

Wearing my armor at our shows has turned numerous heads..everyone wants to touch the boots and are amazed at the detail. Some have asked if I bought that from Gene Simmons himself.

To my fellow tribute artists, we can’t always do the pyro indoors, or fit the KISS lights in the smaller places, or whatever; but when you show up at a smaller venue in the exact costume KISS wore, people flip out..literally. It completed the visual aspect and gave me the proper tool I needed to feel right about paying tribute to my favorite band of all time.

Lastly – For my fellow “Demons” out there, this armor cleaned up from the blood in about 1 minute. Wet paper towel…that’s it.

If anyone has further questions from someone that wears one of Barry’s costumes on a regular basis, contact me at anytime. I’m on facebook.


Jon Romanovich


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