Friday, February 12, 2010


Let's take it from "breaking the law?"....
Gene- "yes! Breaking the law" " like I said" I wish Barry nothing but
the best but he is breaking the law" I replied with a smile "Barry is
my friend".
And with that statement, Gene made a hand signal and I was told by
security my time was up and to move along. I looked at Gene and
thanked him as I was escorted to the exit area.
The truth is I am almost 44. Kiss has always had a place in my life.
But at no other time has so much enthusiasm been re- transferred into
my Kiss obsession then after I saw Barrys Kiss Kostumes site in May
2009 What followed after that viewing on the net came... Alive 35
tickets. Sonic boom CDs. Alive 35 CDs. Simmons family jewels DVD and
now Kiss Komp book. How I see if it wasn't for Barrys passion. There
would be no passion from my end which means no need to acquire
anything "authorized by gene" which means less $$$ for gene. I can
honestly say Barry has contributed to a level of genuine sencerity
related to his craft that reflects what Gene Simmons has always
preached. " YOU WANTED THE BEST? YOU GOT THE BEST" no matter what
Gene may say or think, There are those like me that truly believe
Barry Carr has his own rightful place in KISSTORY. In time I really
believe so will Gene. Rock on Barry!!! Rock on..
Daniel Clements.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


As some of you might already know there has been a little situation
between Gene Simmons and our friend Barry Carr. It seems Barry
through nothing but passion has struck a chord on both sides of the
Kiss Army fence. We have seen the great work Barry has done. . As a
salute to Barry's artistic abilities and vision I have made it my mission to
acquire the Gene Simmons signature to complete Barrys tattoo and
praise what Gene Simmons has tried to discredit. Barry is the costume
maker of the costume makers. To be honest, Barry should be making the
costumes for Kiss Straight Out!!! Which brings me to the evening of
Feb 8, 2010. Barnes and Noble Los Angeles Ca. Gene Simmons and Paul
Stanley book signing.........That Paul was unable to attend due to illness...

So I'm off to the Grove in Hollywood, an outdoor shopping mall where
years ago it was the graveyard parking lot for the old The Price is Right
game show sets at CBS. It's 5:30pm, I buy the book so that I can get a
wristband so that I can get the autograph for Barry. I go up to the
third floor where the event is being held. There are about 60 people
ahead of me and within an hour there are about 60 people behind me. In
line I observe and participate in Kiss conversations.... Fave album?
Alive 35. Etc...Behind me came a group of 4 die hard fans one named
Tony Whitfield. When I told Tony why I was really here he quickly said
"Barry Carr?" I took out my blue post it out of my pocket of my "punk
rock Michael Jackson" leather jacket I was wearing and confirmed why I
WAS THERE. Tony and I now are filling in the crowd around us about the
path that Barry has taken and what Barry's contribution to the Kiss
world has meant to many of us especially those who have physical
ailments or conditions that usually don't allow participation in a
world that wants everything that's out of the norm to be first out of
sight then out of mind. Well that doesn't work for real Kiss fans and
as the KISSTORY books confirms, that's why Kiss was born The Barnes
and Noble staff announced the following at 6:45.... 15 mins before Genes
entrance.......conclusion in tomorrows post and please do stay tuned it is a SHOCKER!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Let me start this testimonial by telling everyone that Barry Carr makes,builds,creates the very best Kiss costumes money can buy. Proof is in the pudding. I would put his costumes up against Kiss's own costumes. If Mr. Simmons was smart he should invest in Barry to build his costumes. So if your reading this blog Gene give some serious thought. It would be money in the bank. I have known Barry for many years and he has come through time after time. With everything he has made. As you can see in the photos I have sent in my latest meet and greet Paul Stanley signed my alive boots. All the members of Kiss were very impressed with the workmanship. So let me tell all who want a costume don't be fooled by the cheap stuff you can get from other makers. They make nothing but junk. Don't listen to the haters internet ramble attacking Barry he is honest and will do great job that you will never regret. I can promise you will be happy with what you buy from Barry Carr costumes they are high quality, strong and made to the original specs. All can say is thank you Barry for being a friend and suppling me with the best Kiss costume I could ever dream of owning.