Saturday, August 22, 2009



The costume you made is awesome! Simply put, you are the best! It is off the chain! When I was looking for costuming for our production, I did my research and found Barry. Being a KISS fan since 1976, and was intrigued by Gene’s costumes. I am an ordained minister and have written a stage production in which I play the devil. I asked Barry if he could do the type of look I was wanting. He said yes! Together we came up with a unique look for me combining Destroyer, Love Gun, and Creatures of the Night.

It looks awesome and I am sure it will turn heads. Every time I look at all the pieces, I am amazed at the detail and quality workmanship. Barry took the time to listen and even made some suggestions to make me aware of some things so I would look my absolute best. So if you are looking, kicking the tires or window shopping, you need to stop looking and buy the best, not some cheap knock off, but the real deal. You will look as good if not better than the band themselves. If you are worried how it will fit you, don’t Barry is very specific on your measurements. My boots fit perfect and they conform to the bend in my leg not someone else’s. The belt, bodysuit and armor fits perfect as well. Again made for me, not some generic, one size fits most, but to my size.

Trust me you will not be disappointed I have made a life long friend in Barry and I am very grateful for his support.

The Rad Rev

Jerry West

Saturday, August 15, 2009


We have had many request for this...And we always meet the demands of the KISS ARMY!