Friday, September 23, 2016


For years one of my main goals was to own a Gene Simmons love gun costume based off the reunion, after shopping around since my teenage years I finally stumble upon Nighttime Creations who, under the direction of my good friend Barry Carr, were able to give me a comfortable fitting final product that deserves all the praise that follows it,
But before I keep going..let me get real with yall
Some of you people give Barry a bum rap due to his straight forward business practices..not only is his name thrown around, but his work is as well, let me just say
If the quality is this good and your satisfied with it, why bitch? This ain't
 no Halloween costume my ninjas
as fans we should all be grateful for the people who can give us these masterpieces and appreciate them for doing so, some are appreciative, some are a little cocky, but then there are those who reallllyyy like to get under your skin and say things like their product is "top of the line" when in reality the testimonials are horrid, and the quality is shot.
Some people just don't get it
So if you're in the market for a professional KISS costume, Barry is your guy, hes been at it for longer than I've been alive after all..I'm pretty sure he knows what hes doing


Monday, September 12, 2016

Another satisfied customer

"The most recent KISS concert I went to was awesome!!! Thanks to Barry, the second I stepped out of the car to the venue, everyone seriously thought I was Gene Simmons. I had the most authentic costume there. Gene himself even took a moment of pause during the show to look at me at wonder and give me the thumbs up of approval. I will treasure the memories forever and can't wait for more opportunities to show off this totally awesome costume. Thanks Barry for help making my dream a reality :p."Jared Hendrix

Gene Simmons MONSTER boots heading home Gene Simmons dynasty demon begins