Thursday, November 29, 2012



 I've just received your figure in the mail today. Thank you so much. It is awesome!!! I really love the detail in the gloves and the costume. The whole figure rocks. It turned out better than I could have imagined I am so pleased Thanks again.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Barry Carr,the name is known by thousands of Kiss fans,me being one of them decided to give Barry a message to have a Monster Gene Simmons costume made.I talked with him cumulatively for a couple of hours to make sure he could do it in the time frame I had prior to Kiss Kruise II.I had paid the first part of payments as planned and was waiting on a check to finish paying payments.He kept things in motion to help make deadline but due to being a sub contractor my payments are never in a timely manner so I had to drive to his home and then went to his shop since there was no time to ship after final payment.He was within hours of being finished so me and my wife hung out and talked while he custom fit my armor.I also had the privilege of airbrushing my boots myself with his tips on how to best paint shells.After solidifying a new friend outside of social networking me and my wife finished our journey to Miami for KK2 where once on the boat,and no practice for the boots the armor was a hit,I had so many people who wanted a picture with me wearing it.I even got my picture taken on KISS' stage wearing it.Due to no time I could not put make up on in time for that picture.It took a bit of a beating on the boat but thanks to Barry's continued advice and expertise I have since airbrushed it and repainted as needed,keep in mind for anyone who has been on a boat the halls are very narrow so it was hit often since I was not used to ever wearing it or the boots.For anyone who knows Barry personally they will tell you he is a perfectionist and that being said he is in the works of updating the cod piece and is going to replace the one in the pictures for the new one he is completing.I had nothing but a great experience with Barry and would repeatedly recommend him to any of my friends.Thanks to Barry and those involved in making one of my favorite Kiss items I will always treasure.You Rock Brother!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Testimonial from our Canadian friends are beginning to come in as well.

Here are a few pictures of me wearing the famous boots you have built especially for me! Hope you enjoy...You can put them on your official Facebook page if you want...i already have this page as a bookmark on my Facebook account!

Let me hear from you!

Good evening,


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our first Halloween 2012 testimonial

I killed it you guys...people LOVED Paul Stanley, more than they ever have. Thanks a ton!

Eric Chez