Sunday, July 12, 2015

presented prototype to ACE himself in Peoria Il Friday night...hopefully coming soon


Being in the entertainment industry for over 24 years I have sought out and purchased costumes from companies all over the world. That being said when it comes to anything KISS related the best costumer on the planet is Barry Carr. I' ve purchased costumes out of Texas, Asia, and Canada and nobody I repeat NOBODY can touch him. I've heard all the stories that he rips people off that his work is crappy and I can assure you I'm sure those statements are based on jealousy. I'm not holding pom poms for Barry by no means. I ordered a Monster Gene Simmons costume from him and it took a while to get it ... and we had a few heated discussions about the costume because I bought into the shit people were saying about him. I can assure you that when the costume arrived the proof was in the pudding the construction and appearance of the costume could only be rivaled buy the original. Since receiving my costume Barry has been in contact with me about costume updates. Barry's commitment and compassion for the group KISS and their costumes is evident in every costume he makes. So if your serious about obtaining a stage quality costume you dont need to look anywhere but Kentucky. ....some people say Barry"s a little pricey but you get what you pay for and with him its A-1 Quality. Barry reproduces all the costumes from all the incarnations of the group just contact him and he can show you actual photos of the costumes ...not artist conce
ptions. If your just looking for a cheap halloween costume they're out there as Asian imports and North American costumers I've seen them come out of Texas and Canada. As a professional ETA I've purchased jumpsuits from all over the world and ive seen identical costumes one selling for a few thousand and the other for a few hundred.....and as I said earlier you get what you pay for the cheaper costume fits like coveralls and the bright work discolors almost immediately and falls apart. And the other is a professional working costume that lasts for years.

Robert Rushton