Tuesday, November 22, 2016


To Nighttime Creations and Barry Carr,

Just wanted to take a minute and review my newest addition to my costume collection. 
My wife and I do cosplay at comic conventions all over the country.  We have been doing this for approximately 2 1/2 years.  We really strive to look as close as we can to the characters we dress up as.  Ever since we have started doing this I have wanted to do a Kiss cosplay with my wife.  As a long time Kiss fan this has always been a dream to have a stage accurate costume that I could be proud to wear. I will have to say Barry delivered in every way shape and form on both costumes that we had commissioned from him.

I have been aware of Barry for quite a few years as one of the top Kiss costume makers around.  Unfortunately Barry had received a lot of bad press and negativity from people that were in competition with him over the years which made me apprehensive about commissioning a full suit.  I had to weed through all the crap that had been said about him over the years. I am extremely glad I did and took the leap of ordering a full Gene Simmons Monster suit and a full Tommy Thayer Monster outfit for my wife.  The one thing that kept me coming back to Barry was the quality of his work in his pictures.  All of the photographs of his work was awesome.  The attention to detail was top notch. 

From the start of the ordering process Barry could not have been more helpful. When calling Nighttime creations you get to talk directly to Barry when you order which makes everything a lot easier.  I can not stress this enough. Listen to what Barry tells you when you start your order.  This will make the process much easier and also allow him to deliver an item that will impress anyone who sees you in his costumes. There are a lot of measurements but when you are dealing with armor, body suits and custom boots numerous measurements are needed to make sure you get a suit that fits you properly. 

Barry will work with you on a payment plan if you do not have all the money up front so this can be discussed when ordering. Barry's prices are very reasonable when ordering a custom costume.  I have commissioned many costumes and Nighttime Creations are actually a great value for what you are getting!! High quality and reasonable prices for this type of costumes.  His time frames for delivery are excellent for a fully custom outfit. I ordered my suit the end of August and my wifes two weeks later and had both in hand by the first week in November for a Con I had here in Memphis. I am sure Barry can do costumes quicker but this was Halloween season and he was swamped so definitely still a quick turn around for a busy time of year. Also don't expect Barry to turn  a costume around in a week especially during Halloween!! Order early so you can give him the time to produce a high quality item for you. 

I received my costume and everything fit perfectly besides the right boot.  For some reason the way my ankle sits in the boot it was not going on easily.  I immediately called Barry and discussed this with him.  We came up with a solution and was going to send the boot back for Barry to trim a portion of the boot shell for a better fit.  I am only about a 2.5 hour drive from Barry so I asked if it was Ok to come up and see his shop and also have him fix the boot in person.  Barry did not have a issue with me coming up directly to see him.  Basically Barry took a whole Saturday afternoon to have me come up see the shop get my boots fitted. Not many people would do this to a person they have never met.  Barry is a true professional and just a great guy to talk with.  My wife also came along to pick up her costume.  I also got the chance to see Barry's Kiss collection and other costumes.  His Gene Creatures is awesome and possibly my next costume I will order from him. We also discussed other options of costumes also. If you can dream it Barry will find a way to bring it to life.

The costumes themselves are accurate to the T.  I cant say enough about them.  True craftsmanship from Barry and his team.  From the studs to the cod piece and the boots of both outfits you can feel and see the quality. These are also made to be worn multiple times and last.  Heavy duty stitching and gluing of all parts. 

We debuted them a the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention last weekend and were the hit of the Con.  Everyone was amazed by how much the costumes looked like the real deal.  If you want the WoW factor then Barry is the one to go through.     

We are also looking at getting other costumes made by Nighttime Creations.  Barry has impressed us with his professionalism, quality and delivery and also just being a cool guy to meet.

If you are on the edge about pulling the trigger and ordering a suit from Nighttime Creations don't be Barry will not disappoint you!!

You Wanted the Best, You Will Get the Best, ( This is a true statement when dealing with Nighttime Creations)

Thank You,
Marc J Meeker
Red Skull Alliance Cosplay


Marcy Meeker
Purrfect Cosplay