Wednesday, December 12, 2012

One of our first customers using our costumes to promote holiday season cheer and giving this year


My name is Dr. Terry Traster, I'm a pharmacist in a small town in Illinois and I do charities and benefits with my Gene Simmons "Destroyer" costume. I have done benefits for individuals who are stricken with diseases and are having hard times paying their bills, charities to raise money to try to find cures for cancers, annual street festivals and many more. The response from people when they see somebody who looks like a member of the HOTTEST band in the world is invigorating! Everybody wants to take their picture with me and it puts a smile, but sometimes a scared look on peoples' faces.

I met KISS at the meet and greet in St. Louis this year and told Gene what I did and framed the conversation to let him know when the media is kicking him when he is down there is somebody out there that is spreading the good word of KISS and how much good they do like how much they support the Wounded Warriors Foundation. Gene asked me to write this and told me "If you inspire just one person, you have made a difference."

I am writing this as a challenge to all the members of the KISS Army that can afford one, BUY A COSTUME AND DO WHAT I DO! A couple of years ago I was asked by The Salvation Army Toys For Tots to do their benefit to buy Christmas presents for kids that otherwise wouldn't get any. The best Christmas present I ever gave or received was knowing that just by putting on my costume and showing up to this benefit I was going to help children get Christmas presents. Every year I do a free street festival in the beginning of August. There are a fair number of physically and mentally challenged people at this festival and when they ask to take their picture with me and I see how much joy I have brought to them and then their caregiver tells me "You have no idea what this means to them, their favorite band is KISS." it makes the money I spent on the costume and the time to put on the make-up seem completely insignificant.

I first wanted my costume in order to have the best Halloween costume possible, which it is. Then I was asked to do my first charity and the satisfaction I got from that was way more than I ever could have dreamed of. From there it has snowballed into something that gives me great pleasure and brings a lot of good to a lot of people and charities.

It's Christmas time now and it's the time for giving. Think about how much joy and pleasure KISS has brought to you or maybe somebody you know. Think about buying yourself a costume or somebody you know that would pay the good deed forward a costume . I have done a lot with my costume and you can too. Let's make 2013 the year the KISS ARMY goes into our local communities and spreads the good of the band that has done so much for us. Buy a costume and let the charities in your community know you are interested in donating your time to their causes. I guarantee you won't regret it!

Terry Traster