Sunday, August 31, 2008


We are always trying to add to the long list of available boots & you see we have now completed the LOVE GUN era

Friday, August 15, 2008


Barry Carr has proven to me that he is an artist and a man of his word. Something in short supply when I had to deal with MOTOR COWBOY to get the black basic boots for my Destroyer costume.
Here's my story. My name is Marc Macaulay. I have made my living as a professional actor for over 25 years. I have worked in over 60 films and 50 TV shows. I have seen some of the best costumes, makeup and special effects in the entertainment business. Barry's work is right up there with the greats in my industry. I personally had a nightmare with MOTOR COWBOY and the owners, Jim and Gary Evans. After MOTOR COWBOY had two attempts at making me a pair of basic black platform boots that would later be covered in scales and dragon heads I sent Barry what I had been left with and asked him to try to salvage a costume for me.
This year I decided to treat myself to a great Halloween costume and thought a Kiss, Gene Simmons look would be fun. I wish I had let Barry do everything but I thought from looking at the Internet that I needed MOTOR COWBOY start the process. Wrong!!! Barry took the ill fitting and cheaply made boots and made them into a true custom fit. Not only are my boots great looking but they fit like a glove. A good foundation is what was needed with these boots. Unfortunately the Evan's brothers couldn't provide that. I spent good money after bad and knew it was wrong when I did it. I wouldn't let these guys "make" dinner reservations for me. Barry took them, reworked them and made them into something that should sit in a glass display case in a museum. My armor is coming soon and all I can say is thank you Barry Carr. You mean what you say, and say what you mean. Sincere thanks, Marc Macaulay