Monday, October 29, 2007


here is a testimonial for you guys....
being a KISS fan since I was 10 years old I was going to be a pretty tough customer when I came to KissCostumes. If I was going to pay a few thousand dollars for a Love Gun replica outfit, it had better be PERFECT. And it was. Barry Carr did an outstanding job on Gene's outfit. He sent me the wig and had the make up I needed as well. I only gave him 3 weeks or so, but he pulled it together and I had the greatest Halloween I ever knew. Close to 100 people asked to take their picture with me and my friend's band even had me come up on stage at the party to do "Rock n Roll All Nite". It was awesome. I had a blast, got tons of compliments and won first prize for best costume. It's now displayed in my room and will be worn again next Halloween, or the next KISS concert I go to. Real KISS fans will not be disappointed!!!
Criss Petersen
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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The "DESTROYER" assault continues

Here we have the Paul Stanley "DESTROYER/PSYCHO CIRCUS" boots..keep watching for the entire line to soon be available