Thursday, February 4, 2016

And again UD REPLICAS/KISSREPLICAS we are here to show you the right way!

The brainless blind over at the KISS REPLICAS site is truly amusing these days

Well we have a treat for you today...KISS REPLICAS OFFICIAL SCREW UPS...

the photos are of UD REPLICAS/KISS REPLICAS officially license MONSTER  leather jacket....and ladies and gentleman it is garbage to say the kindest! It is leather with materials glued to back to enforce it...and funny part is if it were vaccu formed as the real we make needs no enforcement...however this guy think it is leather...question...if armor is leather it will lose form if you sweat..correct? will it not also crack  in areas you move no longer looking like armor....very key points to think about from this nutjob thinking he has reinvented the wheel! Enjoy the photos and in the coming day we will show you his other screw ups compared to mastered works! The horns spin in place only held by velcro...notice how odd he has collars placed