Tuesday, July 15, 2008

ROCK THE NATION PROTOTYPES COMPLETE will we see it or will the courts lock it down?

Here we have the complete set of the ROCK THE NATION costumes we have just completed the prototypes for COSTUMES GALORE to be released this fall.They are releasing masks,firehats,etc.They came to my home to obtain the ideas for their soon to be released ideas..as well as to ask me to be the personal designer of all the upcoming releases.....so here is the designs for the authentic versions!But it appears there must be a legal battle between us before this will happen.....As they are currently in breech of their arrangements.....all those whom wish to see this kinda qaulity ...feel free to email Julie Fallenstein-Johnson - Costumes Galore at julie@costumesgalore.net tell them you want the best...KISS fans are tired of the commercial crap...we want dead on replicas of our heroes costumes! If this happens it will require the KISS ARMY standing up and demanding the best...otherwise it is about to turn into the usual commercial crap!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Hey gang,

This is Barry's costume in full force taking San Francisco by storm!!

My Space Site http://www.myspace.com/lfreyes

Thanks and See Ya!! Luis Reyes


I just want to write and tell you that I couldn’t be more excited about my Destroyer Costume!

At the time I received the Armor and wings I tried it on right away then fine tuned the adjustable buckles and my wife said my grin didn’t relax until I took it off later that night! Of course I had to put my Cod Piece and Demon Head Boots and Leg Scales and took every bit of restrain to keep me way from the make-up!

I had to immediately go on line and check for any activity to debut the complete ‘Gene’ and lucky for me I found the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl Party so I have sent you Pictures of me and local radio DJ’s of 1077 The Bone Lamont and Tonelli and Sully, http://www.1077thebone.com/rockgirl/probowlparty.asp

The response I got from the crowd of party goers were phenomenal! Every one loved it and I got a lot of thumbs up, tongues and “I wanna Rock and Rolls” sung out to me! Some thought I was really Gene and asked me personal questions until I had to clue them in.
So needless to say I Love My Costume Man!!

Looking for a new event,

Luis Reyes


Barry, I cannot thank you enough for making me the perfect costume. The first time I wore the costume I only wore the boots because I didn't have time to do the make-up and everything else. I was the hit of the party by far. Everybody asked where I got them and I had quite a few people tell me if they had boots like that they would wear them everyday! The first time I wore the whole costume with full make-up was at an anniversary party for a bar. The owner told me he had seen many KISS tribute bands in his day and he had never seen a costume anywhere nearly as good as mine. He told me if I could learn to play bass I could be in any tribute band because of how amazing the costume is. Everybody had to have their picture taken with me. The next time I wore the costume was at an outdoor 4th of July party. Luckily it was only in the 70s here that day. Again everybody had to have their picture taken with me even the little kids! I just wanted to say thanks again for the most unbelievable costume and making me the most popular guy at any party.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

An older Gene Simmons boot testimonial

When my order arrived I opened it quickly...Oh my goodness the boots are out of this world!!!!! They are very heavy...the real deal!!!! My puppy started barking at them...then he started looking at a poster of Gene Simmons and then back at the boots. You cannot tell the difference!!!!! I was blown away by how well they are made. I talked to Barry before and while my boots were being made. He kept me informed every step of the way. After my boots were shipped Barry wanted me to let him know when they arrived. I am glad that I purchased my boots from Barry, this guy really make authentic KISS replica boots.

I have no doubt that if decided to wear my boots in a concert they would definitely hold up to jumping all over stage wearing them. These boots are very comfortable. He had me measure my feet and legs so these boots are a perfect fit. He custom made a pair of boots just for me!!!! I wish all my shoes felt this good to wear. I guess I might get a lot of strange looks if I were to wear these everyday, but this is a perfectly made boot for my foot. My son wanted to try them on, but these boots are custom fit for my feet and I am the only one that can wear them. When I put the boots on I feel as if I am on stage... I have always wanted a pair of dragon boots and I am so happy that Barry made my dream come true. One Very Very Happy Satisfied Customer.