Monday, November 11, 2013

Another satisfied customer Tommy England

Tommy England strutting proudly in the Monster Gene Simmons I did...even did upgrades for him to rock Halloween in...Here are a few words from Tommy.

I would like to thank Barry for all the help he has done with the updates to my monster costume. I bought one of Barry's costumes used last year from William Hokanson. When I received the costume I was very shocked the conditions it was in. The paint on the armor was so bad that I had to completely disassemble the whole costume and repaint it. I contacted Barry inquiring what condition the costume was in originally. Barry assured me that the costume was in perfect condition when he sent it out so someone had tried to repaint it after he sold it. He offered to restore the costume to it's original condition for me but I did not have time to ship it off and have it back in time. This past year I was able to get with him to do a few updates for me. He updated the rib section and cod piece for me in plenty of time for Halloween. I am very satisfied with his work, craftsmanship, and customer service. I recommend his costumes to everyone and I will be contacting him in the future for all my updates.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Mark Rudel shocked with positive results

Just wanted to send in thanks to Barry for his fabrication of an Ace Destroyer costume.  I initially had reservations of using Barry based on other reports of issues people have had.  However, Barry was outstanding at giving updates during the build and certainly knows his costumes.  The suit itself looks outstanding coupled with the official KISS costume boots I use.  Some Facebook forum persons pan his work but the material is heavy and visually accurate.  The shape of the gauntlets and the vest are robust.  I think the the official KISS costume from this era looks ok but again the quality of material in that costume is not nearly as durable and lacks the shape of my custom order.  I would not hesitate to use Barry again and would recommend his services to others.  Certainly others may have had a different experience, but I found Barry to be extremely efficient and helpful throughout the process.  If a reference is needed, contact Barry for my email info and I'd be happy to give a direct reference
Mark Rudel

Another extremely satisfied customer

Corey Stuart
When I was growing up in eastern NC, I discovered KISS at age 6. I felt like I had found a legion of SuperHeroes that had existed outside of the cartoon realm and they even played kick ass music. "Love Gun" was my first full Kiss album, and for some reason the Demon character of Gene Simmons resonated with me immensely. Fast forward to 1996, I decided to start dressing as him for Halloween. I began making my own costume, and gradually over the years I got better on the makeup freehand. In 2011, I bought the "official licensed" costume off another site. It was the Alive/Rock The Nation era, and although it LOOKED great, it was cheaply made as I soon found out. The only thing that held up over time were the boots. The stitching would come out of the spiked gloves, and you could tell that it wouldn't be made for the "road" if ever decided to wear it longterm. Plus, general sizes don't always accommodate husky dudes like me. This is where Barry Carr comes in. I've never met him personally, but I've known of him for about a decade. Seeing his work, it's easy to tell that he knows his stuff. Kiss should hire him as the master costumer but maybe it wouldn't be in the fans' best interest because WE'D lose him then! Anyhow, in late August I reached out to him on the idea of buying a Love Gun/Reunion era costume of Gene's. I'd supply the Alive boots, he'd do the modifications, and the rest of the outfit, down to the bodysuit. I provided him with detailed measurements (he'll require this as the entire suit is custom fit to YOUR size...not some cheap third world mass produced generic size). He accepted payments (the guy will work with you...quality doesn't come cheap but trust me, it's well worth it!) and at the top of October I received the first box...the outfit itself! It fits like a dream, is relatively easy to get in and out of, and looks AMAZING. Then, as fate would have it, the weather turned cold, and inching up to the week before Halloween, Barry told me he was running a few days behind on the boots. Cold weather and curing times on paint don't mix. I was getting antsy, but he shipped them out on Monday, and they arrived on Wednesday. Game on! I knew the costume looked awesome, but what would the general public think? I wore it out over the course of three days. Heads turned in awe, and Halloween night itself was mostly a sea of camera flashes. I think I lost count around 150 times I got stopped for personal photo ops. That one full body photo of me has netted over 123 likes on Facebook, and I'm strongly considering a part time gig in Times Square posing for photos at $5 a pop. Bottom line is this: Barry Carr is the real deal. Don't believe any negative reviews on him online, because these are likely by disgruntled people who either couldn't afford his services or worse, tried to be a competitor and fell flat on their ass. Barry is an eccentric creator--any outstanding artist is--and he will let you know from A-Z where he's at on your project if you buy an authentic replica from him. He can pull off ANY Kiss member's costume, ANY era. It's cool to be the rock star for a night (or two, or three) and Barry Carr can achieve that goal for you. You'll have an excellent keepsake after you're done wearing it too! Keep up the great work, Barry...thank you for providing the ONLY reliable outlet for true KISS fans seeking to live out their rock n roll fantasies! Best Regards, -"Corey" Stuart Powell, NYC

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Monster finally perfected

after much fine tuning alas it is ready

MONSTER came out for Halloween

Here's Tommy England in my latest creation Gene Simmons MONSTER suit

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Some of the many Halloween orders just sent out

People I wish to thank you for a wonderful Halloween you keep me rocking!

Monday, September 23, 2013




Sunday, August 25, 2013

We even do the touch up on costumes after the purchase...and custom by the piece orders also

Many times people buy from former customers and need pieces touched up here and there and we are more than happy to help all we can. We also have many customers whom choose to buy by the piece such as the Paul Stanley choker.