Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Barry did it again

Barry did it again, a great staff, When I got dragon boots last year, I was so happy to get real deal.
Every time when I see Barry's Web Site, I see other people bought whole Gene's costume.
That made my mind to decide to get Armor this time. Again I was waiting the armor like Christmas was coming.
When I opened the box, I was so excited. Wow finally I got whole costumes.  As always no question asked.
Barry gave me a great deal and my dream came true.
Thank you very much again, Barry  You are the man.
I wish I could show this to Mr. Scott McClusky He ripped me off so badly words cannot even begin to cover story.
Thank You,

Toshi Hatanaka 

And another satisified repeat customer....

I've know Barry Carr for awhile now, He has went and done it again I am just blown away after getting my costume last week and just now have put it on for look's!! Very Amazing at the craft and workmanship that Barry has put in to my costume. I'm not one for words I am just in awe right now looking at my own photo's I feel just like Gene, about the only thing I can say is great job Barry Carr and thanks so much for your time and professionalism..Your friend Ted Delaware

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Jody Hendricks ..a repeat customer was blown away with his new sonic boom costume


I just received my Sonic Boom armour & Love Gun boot from Barry Carr. Un freakin’ believable. The boots look right out of the 1977/78 tour. The comfort is fantastic & the accuracy is dead on. I am a repeat customer with Barry. I purchased a pair of Sonic Boom boots from him last year & I have put them thru the test & they are as strong as he said they were all along. I wasn’t sure I would like the Love Gun boots but got them anyway…Boy am I glad I did…no regrets at all…..0….
The Sonic Boom armour fits like a glove…I had reservations about the fit from the start like pinch points, sizing…but Barry reassured me none of that would happen. And when I tried it on (still thinking I knew what would happen) I was dead wrong….it was perfect. It was like wearing a shirt…so comfortable it was unbelievable. When this was ordered, Barry wanted a ton of info about sizes & measurements….now I see why. He kept constant contact with me thru e-mail, texts, & phone calls. He also give me visual updates on the progress.
Overall…I gotta give Barry an A+ 100% & a job well done on all his work. Do not hesitate in contacting Barry Carr for all your KISS costume needs. He will treat you with 100% respect & professionalism. I will deffinately be returning costumer.

Jody Hendricks