Friday, October 31, 2014

Rock N Roll dreams come true with our awesome costumes!

I myself , Like many other people have been KISS fans forever and have always wanted to be their favorite Kiss member since they can remember. Well my dream finally came true when I was looking around on different sites for the perfect Destroyer costume and came across Barry Carr. I looked and looked at all the costumes and read all the blogs on what a great job he has done for many other people like myself and after thinking for awhile and talking it over with my wife I finally contacted Barry and had a awesome conversation with him and on June 11th sealed the deal on my 1976 Destroyer suit. All I can say now is ROCK-N-ROLL all night and party every day ! ! ! Thank you so much Barry for making my dream come true.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Another happy customer Tod Hollis

Tod Hollis
Tod Hollis 6:13pm Oct 27
These are the boot shells that I just purchased from Barry Carr. I sent him the licensed boots to mount them on. I just wanted to share my purchasing experience with anyone that has doubts. Barry was very professional and was able to deliver on time with exceptional quality. These shells are just awesome looking! I am so pleased. Barry was friendly on the phone and answered any private messages I sent him. I would definitely recommend his work as it speaks for itself...also, his armor looks so cool. Let me repeat,...the quality of his work speaks for itself"!
This is just my experience that I wanted to share. Other people have shared their negative stories, but mine was a positive one. Don't be afraid to order from Barry, he will deliver quality!