Sunday, November 6, 2011


When we ordered your Kiss costumes, we knew it would be nice but really had no idea how authentic these costumes really are. We were all very pleased with your work. Your costumes are the real deal man. We took more pictures with strangers that night than we took at our own party. Keep making these works of art.

Ray Maples (the Paul in the pic)


Hi Barry!
Just wanted to say thank you for making me the Creatures/Sonic Boom costume that surpassed my imagination.
I was a little nervous at first with giving the measurements by email and all, but this thing fits like a glove!
I can not wait for other KISS ARMY fans to see the quality and craftsmanship. If you are thinking of having a costume built by BARRY seeing is believing people.... The pictures do not lie. Thank you again!
All the best,
Bruce Waite

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

BILL FRANCE one of our biggest fans on KISSONLINE

I was asked to DJ our school's Halloween Dance at Logan High School. I teach broadcasting, language arts and theatre at the school. The students had no idea I was going to show up in my "newlywed" costume. The kids had a blast. I had a blast too!

The best part about dressing up as a member of KISS is the shock, the awe and the love you get from fellow fans. I had no idea that many of my fellow teachers at Logan High School were also fans. The reaction was instant when I showed up to DJ the students Halloween dance.

Bill France