Monday, April 20, 2015

Winston had a Sonic experience

YES, I'm very satisfied with the work of Barry Carr. Let me start from the beginning. I'm sure I'm like everyone else that has ever ordered a kiss costume. Back in 1976 I saw my first Kiss concert at the old Capital Center in Washington DC and it forever change my life. Following them for over 40 years now I decided I had to have the best memorabilia item possible and that was a Gene Simmons costume. I talked to a friend of mine who had some costume work done and he told me that it was Barry Carr so I went on the Internet to check out his work. I was amazed by his quality and detail of every piece that he does. I decided to give him a call , this was in October, and I told him that I love the sonic boom outfit and he said that was no problem for him to do. He gave me a complete price for the outfit and said that he would work with me anyway possible so we set up a monthly payment plan that we both agreed upon. He stated as we went along he would send me updates and photo on the work and that is exactly what he did. Everything he told me in the emails or on the phone is just what he delivered. After all the payments were made in April the costume arrived and it was even better than I expected. I later saw on the Internet some negative remarks about Barry Carr and I couldn't understand it it was totally opposite from what I experience the whole process went very smooth with no problems whatsoever I would highly recommend Barry Carr to do your costume and not be a bit afraid of his work. Thank you Barry!!

Winston Smith