Thursday, July 30, 2009


If you want real Kiss costumes,we're talking just like walking into Ace's or any members closet
and grabbing what you really want, then don't wast your time or money anywhere else,contact
Barry Carr you will be amazed at his work.Barry listened to what I wanted and came up with
a better idea and I couldn't be happier,he was willing to work out a payment method that
worked great for me and my budget.I have seen Kiss cover bands that didn't have costumes this good.and by the way I don't get anything for saying all this about Barry but he made me this happy and I will buy more !!!

Billy Powell

Saturday, July 25, 2009


When i decided to invest in a Destroyer Gene costume, I researched and talked to many tribute bands, and the same name kept coming up, Barry Carr. I said before, this is an investment. Barry is a stickler for creating the most accurate costumes and this is no exception. Barry takes the time to talk to you, gets your information, and makes the costume to your specs... this is not an off the rack costume!!
The armour, belt, boots and leggings ARE the REAL DEAL!!
I think we all have seen the rest... now invest in the best in the business.
I just attended the 2nd largest parade in Indiana in July 2009, and the crowd ERUPTED when they saw me as Gene... the Demon had arrived! Women went nuts... the television announcers went crazy, and i was nearly rushed at one point. I would recommend and will purchase from Barry Carr again!! His knowledge and expirience are 2nd to NO ONE! This is his profession... not like others who build costumes part time and make crap and steal your money!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ministers/Preachers love this too!

The boots are off the chain, they are the best ones you have done to date! I cannot wait until the armor is ready. I have been walking around in them and amazingly they are comfortable and fit perfect! They are sheer perfection in every way; they fit better than my cowboy boots!

Simply put, you are the best. If anyone is thinking about it, Barry is the man to work with, he is upfront, honest, and he does not force his opinion on you, but takes time to listen to what you need. He will guide you step by step through the process and make sure you look your absolute best.

Every detail was taken into consideration, you will not be disappointed. Barry even gave me detailed instructions on how to walk in them which is a big help. It just goes to show that he will go the extra mile to make sure you are happy in every way possible.

Even though I am not Barry’s only customer, he treats me (and he will you) as if I were and you will have a friend in him. If you have researched and done your homework you have found cheaply made and sloppy expensive costumes, don’t be fooled you won’t get what you paid for with your hard earned money with the other guys. He has come through in a big way for me and he will for you too! If you are a KISS collector or you want to wear the “real deal” you need to call this man. In Barry you get the Bang for the Buck!

You have seen the rest, now buy from the best!

The Rad Rev

Jerry West