Monday, May 9, 2016

another happy customer

I've been a KISS fan and collector since 1974. As a fan I want quality and unique items. I have a 17ft by 30ft KISS Bar to display all my collectibles. I've been looking for years to find a great quality Gene Simmons dragon boots at a respectable price. I've seen some pretty poor quality high priced boots out there in this time. Finally I found what I was looking for. I finally took a chance and bit the bullet. Wow was I extremely pleased when I opened the box and saw the quality of the craftsmanship from Barry Carr @ NIGHTTIME CREATIONS. These are so nice I may have to buy another pair to wear. They are that nice I don't want to ruin them by wearing them. They are extremely strong and durable but if I ruined them I'd be upset. So if you're looking for the real deal you are wise to get them through Barry Carr @ NIGHTTIME CREATIONS
Jim Tilley