Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Testimonial from our customer in Germany CARLOS CACHAFEIRO

Hi KISS Fans!

I’ve been a huge KISS Fan since I was a kid and I was always figuring out what it’s like to wear such great costumes and these boots.

Well, for a long time the only way to get a KISS costume was to build one by myself but that was very difficult or nearly impossible.

One day one of my biggest dreams came true: I got a choise to play “The DEMON” in an authentic KISS tribute band and so I badly needed a great looking costume.

I didn’t really know how to get one, even more because I live in Germany (here is no one who does stuff like that).

So I started looking arround the internet an I found Barry’s Page with all the great costumes he did and I was very impressed!

Well, to be honest: It was a strange feeling to send a lot of money in a strange country to someone I didn’t know and I was afraid to be ripped off like many others…

When the costume arrived I was stunned about the dragon boots-they looked awsome!

A few days later the armor arrived as well and the Destroyer - costume was complete.

I was glad and relieved that everything went good and I was also satisfied with the look of the costume.

I know there are bad rumors about Barry in the net and from other costume makers as well…

But I just can tell everyone that he is a honest business partner and he did as he promised: Barry delivered!

Whatever they may say: I have the costume I was dreaming of and it looks fantastic as you can see in my pics.

So to all of you who may be looking for an original KISS costume – Call Barry and you’ll get what you’re looking for!

I’m looking foreward to my next costumes: The Alive, Love Gun, Dynasty and Creatures of the night costume – I want them ALL!!!!

Thanx Barry…


I've been a Kiss fan my entire life. I've always wanted a Destroyer era Gene suit ! I thought it was one of things I would never have. One day I was looking on the internet at fan made suits.... I happened to come across Barry's site. I couldn't believe it...... I finally found what I always wanted ! I called Barry immediately and he quoted me a price. Not bad for something I always dreamed off..... You gotta remember I used to hot glue blocks of wood to rubber boots in attempt to make Dragon boots ! Now I know your thinking that's a lot of money to send off in hopes of getting back what you grew up seeing on posters and in concert. Let me first say that I'm a Police Officer and have been in law enforcement for 15 years so I'm always a little skeptical about things.. Barry was easy to deal with and kept an open line of communication. When I received my costume from Barry I couldn't wait to open the box.... When I did I was not disappointed ! It was better than I thought !!! There is no way I would order from anyone else.... Everything out there is cheap Halloween costumes.... Barry's is KISS costumes !!!! Thank you Barry for making one of my childhood dreams come true !

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The Sonic Boom fits great, even for some like me that is hard to fit without him ever putting a measuring tape on me personally, just going by what I provided to him.

I have an athletic build, broad shoulders, good size biceps and small waist and big calves. It fits to the “T”!

Anyone wondering if they could possibly have a custom made costume and fit, trust me it does and will. You can’t go wrong here. Thanks Barry once again for a job well done!


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Man if this don't tell you we build the sturdiest costumes out there...this guy blew me away with his story ...

I bought a Destroyer suit from Barry and loving it. Last night I was out and about at a Kiss tribute night wearing the complete suit. After the show I boxed up my suit and put the boots in a duffel bag and apparently left it on the roof of my car when I left. Well, I drove off the bag hit the street and was run over by a car. Luckily a Cop saw the whole thing and picked the bag up . He had no idea what was in the bag. I had my name on a flight tag from a previous trip i had taken. I go to retrieve the bag and see a scrape hole in the bag and notice a few small plastic pieces. I open the bag to my horror of seeing my prized boots smashed. I take them out to examine the damage and found mostly the heels got smashed. But the car ran over the dragon head and they are so sturdy all that happened to the head part was where it got dragged a bit from the car. Only a deep grind mark. I must say, They are built sturdy and was amazed at how they handled being crushed. I made a call to Barry and should have some new shells to replace these broken ones. Thanks a million Barry for making sturdy ass boots and getting this sorted out in short order.. Rock on..


Now what this says is...look at the abuse our product can take...too awesome!