Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Customers satisfaction is what I strive to achieve...and It works!

Wow!!!! I opened the box and was like a kid at Christmas.
I bought a pair of boots from him 4 years ago, and love them. So, when I spoke with Barry about Gene’s Monster costume, he said which version did I want? He blew me away with the attention to detail. I decided that I wanted the one like he wore in the press conference.
I was a little concerned about fitting me, because I was football player and still work out and clothes are hard to fit and a custom costume? I asked him, Can you do it? And with confidence he said yes! And he did it! I also told him I want to display this in my office and Barry told me how to make display stand, I like a man that will go the extra mile.
I am looking forward to getting my new boots and he can do that too.

Thanks my man for a great costume! I wished I had this when I played, how cool would this be to walk around in the locker room!

Customer for life,

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Journeys drummer Deen Castronovo has fell in love with my KISS costumes

Here's Deen in the latest costume and boots to ship out to him.The Gene DYNASTY era costume