Wednesday, February 1, 2012

DELUXE SONIC BOOM now available!

Anytime we begin a brand new costume Barry simply will not stop until he perfects hopefully this is it! SONIC BOOM in all it's glory!!!


Words cannot describe the quality of my Destroyer 1976 Armor! It’s literally museum quality. I’ve been a fan my whole life and like most KISS fans, have studied every piece of KISS Costume history…This costume doesn’t miss 1 thing from the era I wanted! The shells are sturdy and are road and stage worthy. With these boots, I’m able to walk and move with ease versus falling down in others I have tried. I’ve screwed around over the years with trying to make my own costume (which was essentially disastrous) as well as bought costumes that KISS themselves released to the public. NOTHING beats what Barry Carr can do in his shop. If you’re a fan and are putting together a mini KISS Museum in your house, a tribute artist, or someone that just dresses up on Halloween, This is your one stop shop. Quit screwing around like I did.

Wearing my armor at our shows has turned numerous heads..everyone wants to touch the boots and are amazed at the detail. Some have asked if I bought that from Gene Simmons himself.

To my fellow tribute artists, we can’t always do the pyro indoors, or fit the KISS lights in the smaller places, or whatever; but when you show up at a smaller venue in the exact costume KISS wore, people flip out..literally. It completed the visual aspect and gave me the proper tool I needed to feel right about paying tribute to my favorite band of all time.

Lastly – For my fellow “Demons” out there, this armor cleaned up from the blood in about 1 minute. Wet paper towel…that’s it.

If anyone has further questions from someone that wears one of Barry’s costumes on a regular basis, contact me at anytime. I’m on facebook.


Jon Romanovich


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