Sunday, January 18, 2015

building the updated Gene Simmons MONSTER suit

Even Gene Simmons loves my work

Well it started when my wife said I could get some skins for Christmas . So Barry Carr and myself have been talking about the skins and he made me a deal and next thing I know, I'm ordering them . Then about a week goes by and get this ....
And three weeks later I get this photo
and the next week there at my house they are as perfect as they look no flaws...I love them . Well the next day Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley open there Rock n Brews
in ovideo Florida and I go dressed as Gene as I impersonate Gene Simmons myself the art of Gene . Kissmasked on FB . And got my photo with Paul and Gene . Gene Simmons actually said nice boots as he walked up to me for this photo so thank u Barry Carr for the skins and keep on rocking .

Tony Thornock