Monday, November 4, 2013

Mark Rudel shocked with positive results

Just wanted to send in thanks to Barry for his fabrication of an Ace Destroyer costume.  I initially had reservations of using Barry based on other reports of issues people have had.  However, Barry was outstanding at giving updates during the build and certainly knows his costumes.  The suit itself looks outstanding coupled with the official KISS costume boots I use.  Some Facebook forum persons pan his work but the material is heavy and visually accurate.  The shape of the gauntlets and the vest are robust.  I think the the official KISS costume from this era looks ok but again the quality of material in that costume is not nearly as durable and lacks the shape of my custom order.  I would not hesitate to use Barry again and would recommend his services to others.  Certainly others may have had a different experience, but I found Barry to be extremely efficient and helpful throughout the process.  If a reference is needed, contact Barry for my email info and I'd be happy to give a direct reference
Mark Rudel