Sunday, July 6, 2008

An older Gene Simmons boot testimonial

When my order arrived I opened it quickly...Oh my goodness the boots are out of this world!!!!! They are very heavy...the real deal!!!! My puppy started barking at them...then he started looking at a poster of Gene Simmons and then back at the boots. You cannot tell the difference!!!!! I was blown away by how well they are made. I talked to Barry before and while my boots were being made. He kept me informed every step of the way. After my boots were shipped Barry wanted me to let him know when they arrived. I am glad that I purchased my boots from Barry, this guy really make authentic KISS replica boots.

I have no doubt that if decided to wear my boots in a concert they would definitely hold up to jumping all over stage wearing them. These boots are very comfortable. He had me measure my feet and legs so these boots are a perfect fit. He custom made a pair of boots just for me!!!! I wish all my shoes felt this good to wear. I guess I might get a lot of strange looks if I were to wear these everyday, but this is a perfectly made boot for my foot. My son wanted to try them on, but these boots are custom fit for my feet and I am the only one that can wear them. When I put the boots on I feel as if I am on stage... I have always wanted a pair of dragon boots and I am so happy that Barry made my dream come true. One Very Very Happy Satisfied Customer.