Monday, October 17, 2011

this was one of the most touching testimonials too date

I am writing this testimonial, as a much happier KISS fan / collector than ever I anticipated I could be. I know that I am not alone when I ask how many people have grown up with bedrooms plastered with KISS posters from ceiling to floor. That was definitely me ! From age 7, when I picked up KISS Alive!, I was immediately hooked, and hooked for life ! My interest continued to grow and grow and once a little more able to come by money and support my “habit” … the collecting began ! I now have a collection worth upwards of approximately $80,000 …. the Bally Pinball Machine, the Tiger Record Player, the Mego Dolls and Remco Makeup Kits … they all filled the void and turned 1,000 heads, but the one thing I could never see myself being able to acquire, was a pair of Gene Simmons Destroyer Demon boots. Now don’t get me wrong, I know I could have bought a pair of the run of the mill, KISS Halloween costume boots for $400, but would that have kept this addict satisfied ? NEVER !

For years I cruised eBay, looked online, and pretty much did anything I could to try to figure out a way to obtain these elusive boots, until the day that I saw on eBay, what made my jaw hit the floor.

A seller was selling a pair of custom Gene Simmons Demon boots, however they were from the Love Gun era. Not exactly what I was looking for, but would I ever find another pair ? Likely not, was my train of thought, until I caught the most important part of the listing’s title … “BY BARRY CARR.”

Now was the question … who is Barry Carr and what does he have to do with these KISS boots that look as if they just came directly off of Gene’s feet ! There was no stopping me now … my first inclination was to search “Barry Carr” on Google, and when I did … Good GOD ! I had never seen anything like the pictures I was seeing in my life … the costumes were so perfect that I don’t think Gene, Paul, Ace, or Peter would have been able to tell them apart from those of their own ! Now was the hard part (or so I thought) ! How do I find Mr. Barry Carr ? Well, like anyone would do in this millennium, I reverted to facebook ! Once typing in a search for Barry’s name, there he was, standing there (unmasked) in his profile picture wearing a full Gene Simmons Love Gun suit … JACKPOT … this is the guy I am looking for !

Once sending a friend request and short message stating the reason for my wanting to track him down, it took all of about 10 minutes before my friend request was accepted, and I was speaking to one of the nicest, most friendly, helpful, and talented people it has ever been my privilege to meet ! We went on to discuss my decades of longing to add a pair of Destroyer boots to my collection, and he did everything he could to be sure that I was as informed as I possibly could be. The deal was struck (for what I thought was a ridiculously fair price, given the time, and talent that goes into these works of art) and Barry was on a mission ! Every request I had throughout the construction of the boots was met, from receiving progress pictures, to prices on future purchases, and even being provided with answers to KISS questions that I NEVER thought I would know the answers to !

I could not begin to express how much I love my boots (which were constructed and at my door within 2 weeks) and how much of an honor it was, and is, to have met Barry ! I am now in the process of deciding on my next purchase ! When working with a pro like Barry, it can almost seem impossible to decide since you can pretty much have whatever you want, at a cost that won’t break the bank, and a quality that you know could never be matched or equaled ! 1,000 thanks to you Barry, for making a dream come true, and for all of the business we have yet to do.

Steven Schutt

Ontario, Canada