Thursday, December 24, 2015

A very special thank you to David Pea of UD REPLICAS and Jeff Moss

At this time of year we reflect on our lives and find the things in life that we are greatful for. Every year I thank God for my family and friends and my health. This year I wish to thank David Pea & Jeff Moss for helping me find my way. For some time now I've just been going through the motions with my work not really caring about it. Until David came along.His actions towards me and his statements has awoken something in me that I believed was lost. Instead of retiring  and walking away which I was considering  I've been reborn and like the Phoenix from the fire I have risen  with more passion and dedication for my work then I've ever had before. I will be the number one costumer in the world. Here at Nighttime Creations  WE WILL  make the most accurate stage replica costumes. We manufacture  every costume  from every era we don't show you artist renditions of costumes we show you actual photos. We don't make excuses  for delivery dates..... most of our costumes can delivered in eight weeks.With a customer service and tech team as well as legal team we are now ready to proceed into the full show!