Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Another thrilled customer


"For years I have always wanted my own custom made Gene Simmons Destroyer costume. I tried to make my own but lack of artistic talent and supplies made it a worthless cause. All of the other costumes that could be bought were cheap, way over priced and not worthy of purchase for a true KISS fan. Finally, I decided to go online and research if there was anyone out there that was good enough to make the costume I have always wanted that would fit me specifically and not expect you to sell everything you own to get it.
 I came across Barr Carr and his website. I was so excited when I saw that he was one that was in the business of doing exactly what I wanted. But before I jumped in and asked him to make me a costume, I researched his reputation. I found that there were some people out there that accused him of being a "fake" or a "rip off artist." Of course I was a bit skeptical at first. But I did more research and discovered that he was not any of the for mentioned. Barry was in fact the go to guy to have the most authentic KISS costume custom made. Looking at his past work for others made it clear that he was the ONLY person to make one for me. So I contacted Barry and was on my way to owning my dream costume. Not only was Barry prompt and friendly but his communication and talent was way more than I expected. I gave him my measurements and he did exactly what he promised! I received the Gene Destroyer costume that was a perfect fit. The craftsmanship of the costume blew me away! There is no other person that can make KISS costumes like Barry! I can not thank you enough for making me the costume of my dreams!
For those of you out there that want the most authentic KISS costume, look nor further. Barr Carr is the ONLY person you need to go to! Thanks again Barry!!"