Sunday, March 17, 2013

I make every era costume any member and here is SONIC BOOM

I never in 1 million years ever thought I would get a KISS costume like this. I am not artistically talented enough to make my own and after doing some research I came across Barry Carr via facebook. I was a little hesitant because I could not figure out how anyone could take this short, stocky guy (giving myself a little slack) and make a Gene Simmons Demon costume that didn’t look like a dime store knock off. I decided to contact Barry and he responded quickly. We discussed my issues and decided Sonic Boom era would be best. Barry sent me a huge list of measurements, like I had never seen before, so I knew he was serious about his craft. We also reviewed payment options, etc. prior to starting the project. Barry was extremely knowledgeable and up front about his policies. We spoke many time during the course of the costume, unfortunately there were several delays but Barry notified about each one and why, all of which were valid, I really enjoyed talking to him he is a living KISS encyclopedia. Finally I got my costume in two parts: first came the boots. WOW it was the coolest feeling to walk in those, later the armor came. Unfortunately there was minor damage due to shipping. I contacted Barry and the issue was immediately rectified. He was also nice enough to tell me how to maintain the costume. I was extremely pleased, no wait EXCITED LIKE A KISS ON CHRISTMAS, when I put on the whole costume its AWESOME!!!! I felt just like the Demon. Thank you Barry I hope my wife let me get another costume soon!

Frank Vigliotti